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FAQ: Can I get a Military Discount for a Garrett Metal Detector?

FAQ:  Can I get a Military Discount for a Garrett Metal Detector?

Yes!  As of May 27th, 2022, Garrett Metal Detectors began allowing authorized dealers to extend a military discount for veterans.  This discount is 15% off the purchase of any metal detector with a price above.  Below are the requirements and limitations to receive the discount.

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Garrett will begin on May 27, 2022, to offer its USA dealers a voluntary military discount program for our men and women serving or having served in the US military branches.

This dealer voluntary program will operate with the following ground rules:

A discount of 15% off the price will be limited to only one, MSRP $505.82 (APEX) priced or higher, Garrett Metal Detector in each purchase year (using the initial purchase date).

In order to receive your discount, please call us at 888-236-6580, or come in to the store so we can take the order by phone or in person, properly verify, document, and obtain copies of the appropriate veteran/service status of the buyer.  The acceptable documents include:

  • DD-214 (SSN can be blacked out)
  • State Driver’s License designating “Veteran”
  • VA ID Card
  • Certificate highlighting branch of service, etc.

Again, please keep in mind: this applies only to MSRP $505.82 (Apex) priced metal detectors or higher and cannot be used for any quantity of accessories, etc.  

As an authorized dealer for Garrett Metal Detectors, High Plains Prospectors has opted to participate in the military discount program and split the savings with Garrett.  We are proud to serve those who served us and encourage you to give us a call when you are ready to purchase your Garrett Metal Detector.

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