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Don't Get Burned Out Metal Detecting - How to Keep Your Interest

Don't Get Burned Out Metal Detecting - How to Keep Your Interest

As I have said int he past, a great deal of metal detectors bought end up in a closet collecting dust.  Why is this?  Well, there are a few things to note. 

The first issue is quite often people buy either too much or to little metal detector.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that a person who is somewhat knowledgeable in how metal detectors work may buy a metal detector that is below what they need in order to detect desirable targets while weeding out the undesired targets.  They end up digging too many crappy targets and get tired of it and quit.  On the flip side a person who has no knowledge how metal detector works may buy one that is too complicated for them.  The metal detector they are using sends out too much information and boggles their mind.  This confusion often makes the person think that this hobby is not for them.

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To solve this first issue, it is best to get some instruction on how to metal detectors work and how to use one.  It is best to learn by someone who is has lots of experience in helping others get into the hobby.  It is best to start with your local metal detector dealer.  Don't buy a metal detector from some large online retailer or major sporting good store.  Buy from a local authorized dealer who specializes in selling metal detectors and gear.  They will take the time to teach you the basics and be there for any questions you may have moving forward.  Getting started with the right knowledge is a very important step to being successful metal detecting.

The second, and perhaps the biggest, reason why people don't stick with metal detecting is they have unrealistic expectations.  We see the thing with gold prospecting equipment sales.  These machines don't make gold.  They help find and recover it, but they don't make it.   Listen, there is a reason why treasure is so valuable.  It is because it is hard to find.  If there was as much gold in the world as there is silica, it would be about as valuable as sand.  Likewise, with metal detecting, if treasure was abundant, and it was easy to find, everybody would be doing it and there would be very little actual value in it.  

My best advice I can give to help someone to keep their interest in the sport of metal detecting is to keep your expectations low.  Full expect that when you are out metal detecting an old farmstead to dig up a bunch of scrap metal.  Eventually you will find that silver coin.  Fully expect when you are out combing the beach with your metal detector to dig up a bunch of pull tabs.  Then, when you least expect it, you will find that gold ring. Take it from me, it happens. It will reinvigorate your lust for the sport of metal detecting for treasure.  

You will notice, unlike a lot of other metal detecting channels on YouTube, our videos show the reality of metal detecting.  The fact is you are going to dig up more junk than treasure - no matter where you are metal detecting.  Be prepared for this.  One way to negate this is to increase your recovery speed.  Learn how to pinpoint your targets and get them out of the ground quickly so you can move along to the next.  As I always say, the guy who digs the most wins.

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