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Certain Element Groups Cry, "Foul" for Discrimination by Metal Detectors

Certain Element Groups Cry, "Foul" for Discrimination by Metal Detectors

Kansas City, KS - A group of elements within the periodic table are are claiming that certain types of metal detectors are discriminating against them and leaving them out of any chance of recovery which could otherwise potentially lead to financial gain of the metal detector's operator.

"Really, when you think of it it is quite a shame," one detectorist from Olathe, KS said.  "By discriminating against the "undesirable" elements," he said, holding up quotation marks, "they are a really just missing out on the opportunity for huge financial gain.  They're really just shooting themselves in the foot."

The two, so called, "undesireable" elements they are talking about are primarily aluminum, iron.  They are so commonly found in the ground by metal detectorsits, that many simply "notch" them out and don't even bother digging them up.  This can be a huge mistake and is frequently only made by novice metal detectorists.

One veteran metal detectorist who goes by the nickname Scrap Iron, of Olathe said, "Them young whipper snappers don't have a clue!  If they are avoiding certain targets they might consider "undesireable" like pull-tabs for instance, they are missing out on potentially huge treasure!"  He is referring to the fact that a gold ring, potentially one with a huge diamond in it, would register both audibly and visually similar to that of a pull tab on most metal detectors.  Likewise, someone foregoing  large iron objects just might be passing up on a buried metal box holding valuable coins and jewelry.  They also might be passing up some very interesting relics.

The lesson to be learned is that there is no reason to discriminate targets when metal detecting.  Unless you are specifically doing something like "coinshooting" where you are specifically looking only for coins, there is no real reason to eliminate any target signals on your metal detector. Dig all targets.  Worst case you are eliminating them from your detecting site so you do not have to deal with them next time around.

Author's Note:

My suggestion, in most circumstances, is to dig any and all targets.  The exception would be very small iron objects in a place like an old farmstead where there are tons and tons of square nails lying around.  Another would be in a park or a field where a lawn mower clearly ran over an aluminum can thus dispersing shards of small aluminum pieces over a distance.  In these cases, you can certainly waste a tremendous amount of time messing with truly and very clearly undesirable targets.  Otherwise, just dig it!

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