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Buyer Beware – Fraudulent Spam Website Copying Our Listings

Buyer Beware – Fraudulent Spam Website Copying Our Listings

As many of you know, when it comes to electronics, there is plenty of fake stuff out there.  We also wanted to make you aware of fake websites trying to scam you out of your money and to make it look like it is legitimate businesses selling real products.

We have been working with many other dealers in the industry as well as our manufacturers and distributors to try and address the problem and get the known sites taken down.  However, it has proven rather difficult. 

Beware:  These listings look like they are legitimate High Plains Prospectors listings as well as other dealers who are legitimately selling online.  They are not legitimate!

One such seller, who lists our packages and items for sale is a user known as TomMurray39330.The listings will direct you to a website where the listing price are far lower than what is available anywhere else online.  The listings appear on Google and potentially other sites and search engines.  If you place an order on the site, they will take your money and not send out the gear you order. Sites like those we are discussing are scams!

We have received several calls from customers who were weary of the site.  Good thing they did!  We were able to assist them and make sure they got a legitimate product at a great price.

Here are some tips to remain safe when buying online:

  1. Remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  2. When buying from a source you are not familiar with, or a reputable dealer, make sure you verify them.

 With us, you are always welcome to call us on our toll free number at 888-236-6580 and place an order with us or visit our website at to place your order.  It is a secure site on a secure server. 

If you have encountered a problem with a fraudulent website, you can fill out a form with the cyber unit of the FBI at

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  • Josh Turpin