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3 Tips For Finding HOT Metal Detecting Sites

3 Tips For Finding HOT Metal Detecting Sites

There are different types of metal detectorists. Those that hit the beach in search for jewelry, the park and tot-lot hunters, the ones that knock on doors asking for yards, and then there are the ones that look for the obscure locations that can only be found with ample research and a little bit of luck. I will list a few tips in order to help you find your next honey hole!

Finding Metal Detecting Sites Tip 1: Using newspapers is an invaluable tool in conducting research. They didn’t have phones or Facebook or any form of social media so they published everything and all of the details in newspapers of the times. On newspapers you can type in keywords such as picnic, swimming hole, gathering place and get loads of articles about a church picnic located on a particular piece of ground.

Finding Metal Detecting Sites Tip 2:

Browse the internet. There are tons of online research tools. Two really great ones are and Historic Map Works. They can be used to look at what used to be there in the past. Perhaps an old house site used to sit on an abandoned lot you drive by every day. Maybe an old one room schoolhouse used to sit on the corner by your grandparents house in the country. History surrounds us and can be found with just a couple quick Google searches.

Finding Metal Detecting Sites Tip 3:

Don’t be afraid to visit your local historical society or library. There’s nothing wrong with good old fashioned book research. Sometimes the books contain a lot more information than the internet. Plus, consulting with local historical societies can get you access to some incredible spots!

 Doing the research and getting the permission and then finding something is the most rewarding to me. The things you find in a field or forest could have been lost forever if it wasn’t for your hard work and dedication to the research. Plus, no one else may know about these spots so they most likely haven’t been hunted before leaving you with the possibility of finding something amazing!

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  • Travis Bauer