Glueless clamps for telenox carbon fiber metal detecting shafts

Detecting Innovations Glueless Clamp Set with Tools for Tele-Knox Shafts

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Our new Tele-Knox glueless shaft Clamps are now fitted to all new shafts.

To change clamps on old style Tele-Knox simply gently heat up the old glued clamps with a hot air gun or similar for 20-30 seconds until the glue melts then remove them with a pair of grips ( be careful very hot).

No need to clean all the old glue off the shaft only the flaky bits. The rest will help to stop the new clamps moving.

Put the two clamps on and join the three rods in the open position before you tighten them. Position the open part of the clamp where you can see the screw over the anti rotational channel and just tighten the allan key until you have no sideways movement. Tighten the other finger screw purely enough to stop the rods movement up and down. Please do not over-tighten either screws. This led to the problems on the old shafts where people inadvertently cracked the rods underneath causing uncontrolled slippage.


  • Replacement Glueless shaft clamps for Detecting Innovations Tele-Knox Shafts


  • Detecting Innovations Tele-Knox Shafts
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Martin b.
Glueless telenox clamp set

Strong structure clamps tight on the shaft sleek appearance

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