Nokta Makro Coils & Covers

Nokta Makro Metal Detector Coils & Covers

Nokta is one of our best-selling brands and is gaining notoriety as a high-quality metal detector in the industry. Nokta was established in 2001 in Istanbul, Turkey and acquired Marko in 2014. Nokta makes significant investment in research and development which keeps them on the forefront of metal detecting. 

In addition to conventional metal detecting and relic hunting, Nokta is well-known for manufacturing waterproof metal detectors and metal detector coils. Divers around the world rely on Nokta detectors and coils. 

When buying a Nokta coil, be sure to get a metal detector coil cover as well. Coil covers are intended to be installed on a brand-new coil and stay there. Coil covers protect the coil from damage including scrapes and dings to keep the coil looking brand new for the best resale value. Coil covers don’t interfere with search depth or precision so there’s really no reason to leave one off. 

High Plains Prospectors stocks a full line of gold detecting and relic hunting Nokta metal detector search coils. We've created product bundles so you can get all the metal detecting accessories you need in one package. Our bundles include coil covers, headphones, carry bags, digging tools, sand scoops and more. If you don't see the exact bundle you need, give us a call and one of our expert detectorists can put together a custom bundle to suit your needs.

 High Plains Prospectors is located in Olathe, Kansas and offers a metal detection test field so you can try out our products before you buy. All products come with a 30-day guarantee.

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