Pro Camel 24" Automatic Spiral Wheel Gold Panning Machine - Variable Speed

Pro Camel 24" Automatic Spiral Wheel Gold Panning Machine - Variable Speed

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Our largest spiral wheel, the Pro Camel 24" spiral wheel gold panning machine is designed to capture more gold quicker.  With the large wheel, you can process more gold than a smaller spiral wheel faster.

Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machines

If you’ve ever had to pan buckets and buckets of concentrates by hand, you know how much work it is, how much time it takes, and especially how much your legs and back ache when you’re done.

What you don’t realize, is how much gold you’re loosing!

Even a seasoned gold panner is going to miss some gold when panning by hand, especially if the concentrates are heavy with black sand. So for the beginner or average panner, the odds of washing some of the gold out of the pan are even higher. Let’s face it, loosing some gold while panning by hand is simply a fact of panning and something we should expect.

This is why Automatic Spiral Gold Panning Machines are so popular today.

  • They ease the burden of panning by hand by doing all of the hard work for you and doing it the same way over and over again.

  • They allow you to process significantly more material in much less time.

  • They increase your gold recovery effectiveness by a factor of 50. That means you will recover 50 times more gold than you would working by hand with a traditional gold pan.

The first Automatic Spiral Gold Panning Machine was introduced to the public over 40 years ago, back in 1969, by the pioneer and inventor of the Spiral Panning Machine, Angus Niccolls, who also founded Camel Mining Products, Inc. This first machine was called the Little Camel and was an instant hit with the small mining community. It was small, light weight, portable, used a 12 volt battery for power, and only needed three gallons of water to operate. Over time, the design was improved and it grew into what is known today as the Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine which is the #1 selling Automatic Spiral Gold Panning Machine on the market.

Though the Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine does a great job recovering gold, it is limited to the amount of material it can process (about 70 pounds of concentrates an hour). This limitation, along with a cry from the mining community for something bigger, gave way to a new Automatic Spiral Gold Panning Machine called the Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine. This new machine, though much bigger than the Desert Fox, still effectively operates using a 12 volt battery, but can process an incredible 400 pounds of placer sand an hour using the 24″ wheel. That’s a 471% increase in processing power and with a newly designed 2-stage spiral wheel, the gold recovery is even better.

The Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine is available with two different wheel sizes (18″ & 24″). Everything else about the machine is the same, so you can use the different wheels on the same drive unit.

History of the Pro-Camel

The Pro-Camel 24 Automatic Gold Panning Machine (24″ Spiral Wheel) is the big brother of the Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine and the largest 12-volt automatic spiral gold panning machine manufactured anywhere. It was introduced to the mining community in 2009 and has received rave reviews since its release and is known as one of the top fine gold recovery systems on the market today.

In 2011, the Pro-Camel 18 Automatic Gold Panning Machine (18″ Spiral Wheel) was released to the public. It is essentially the same machine as the Pro-Camel 24 with a different size wheel.

Features of the Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine

  • Created by Camel Mining Products, Inc. the pioneers in spiral panning technology for more than 40 years.

  • It is a fast, high capacity machine capable of processing up to 400 pounds of placer sand per hour.

    • That is a 471% increase in processing capacity over the Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine.

  • Unique 2-stage Spiral Wheel

    • 15 Spiral riffles lead into an inset second stage of 5 additional spiral riffles.

    • This innovative design increases gold recovery over the standard single stage wheels.

  • Exclusive Aqua-Jet technology ensures that the material stays in a slurry allowing the gold to drop out into the spirals.

  • Variable speed wheel control & adjustable water flow.

    • Allows you to fine tune the Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine to the material being processed.

  • The drive unit is gear driven and uses sealed ball bearings allowing it to run smoothly, quietly, and be energy efficient.

  • Powered by any 12-volt Battery with at least 16 amps of output.

Why Does The Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine Work So Well?

The Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine uses the same basic technology of gold separation as a traditional gold pan: Water, Motion, & Gravity. Because gold is so much heavier than the other material that it’s found with, it can be easily separated from like sized material.

With a traditional gold pan, you create a slurry of water and material mixing it well to allow the gold to drop down to the bottom of the pan. You then slowly & carefully wash off the lighter material by dipping the edge of the pan in the water.

The same basic principles are being applied with the Pro-Camel, but much faster and more efficiently than panning by hand.


The Pro-Camel’s Aqua-Jet provides an ample water supply to the edge and bottom of the spiral wheel to create the slurry needed to allow the gold to separate from the other material. As it does, the gold is scooped up in the 15 spiral riffles and stays there because of the deep “V” design. As the wheel turns, the spray bar rinses the lighter material away allowing the gold to ride up the spirals. When the gold drops into the second stage, any material tagging along for the ride is washed away allowing the clean gold to be deposited through the center hole of the wheel and into the gold catch cup hanging on the back of the machine.

You might be thinking to yourself, that this is all well and good for pickers and small flake gold, but what about the fines? Can the Pro-Camel get the fine gold too?

Well, the answer is a resounding YES!

When the base material is properly classified, meaning the relative size of the material being processed is the same, the Pro-Camel Automatic Gold Panning Machine is hard to beat for recovering fine gold.

Here are a few pictures so you can see how the spirals lift the gold out of the slurry and up into the center hole of the wheel. In these pictures, the gold is being extracted from beach sand and moving up the spirals. Click on the pictures to see a larger image.

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Customer Reviews

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Doug H.
It gets the fine gold but needs to be beefier.

We ran serveral buckets of black sand through this muchine over 3 days. It recovered the smallest specks of fine gold from the beach sand. There were some smaller casting rough spots at the middle where we needed to take a file to it and smooth out to get better dropping of the finner specks into the catching cup. However, the frame and braces all bent slightly from the weight of the sand. The concept is great and you will like it's recovery rate.

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