Microwave Kiln Base Kit Kilns, Smelting, & Assaying GPK

Microwave Kiln Base Kit

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Includes kiln, custom refining flux, (4) 40gr '1 shot' Crucibles*, 18" Tongs, (1) Stainless Steel Stirring Rod, Instruction Manual & Smelting Tips. Pouring mold not included.

* '1 shot' clay crucibles actually last for several smeltings, as long as no flux gets on the outside (flux on the inside is good, as it coats the crucible and helps it to last longer).

To see the microwave smelting process, please watch this 6 minute video!


Much research and experimentation has gone into the design of this kiln, to ensure the best results for separating fine gold from black sand and ore concentrates - and for smelting down old jewelry. The stacked or layered design allows for replacement of damaged pieces, in the event of spills, while the kiln can be rearranged and stacked to different heights, according to the size (height) crucible used.

Advantages of GPK

Variable kiln heights possible, for crucibles of different heights

Replaceable parts

Simpler process

Less expensive

Less tedious

More fun


(NOT included in Kit)

1200 watt microwave with turntable plate and turning mechanism removed; the kiln does not need to turn. The microwave must have ???10” inside clearance height, to accomodate the kiln, which is 9.5" tall.

Heat proof gloves –welding type gloves are recommended

Welder’s leather apron

Dust respirator mask

Clear safety goggles

12” x 12” clay tiles to set hot crucibles and pouring mold on

2 depression conical cast iron or graphite assay mold (regular kit does not contain a mold)

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