JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit
JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit
JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit
JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit Carry Case
JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit Rope
JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit Stainless Carabiner
Magnet Fishing Kit Gloves
 Magnet Fishing Kit Rope Ends
 Magnet Fishing Kit Rope Closeup
Megalodon - 1 Ton Expert Magnet Fishing Kit Threadlocker
JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit Grappling Hook
JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit Grappling Hook
JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Bottom
JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit Rope
 Magnet Fishing Kit Rope Spool
Magnet Fishing Kit Threadlocker

JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit

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Product Information

Introducing the JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit: Unleash the Power of Double Sided Magnets!

Are you ready to embark on an adventure like no other? The JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit is here to transform your magnet fishing experience into an extraordinary treasure hunt. With its exceptional features and unrivalled performance, this kit is your ultimate tool for discovering hidden treasures beneath the surface.

Deluxe Kit with Everything You Need!

The JAWS kit includes:
✔️Double Sided 1,200 LB Pulling Power Magnet
✔️8mm x 20m of High Tensile Rated Rope
✔️Grappling Hook
✔️Heavy Duty Carry Case
✔️High Strength Threadlocker
✔️Double Steel Carabiners
✔️Cut-Proof Gloves
✔️Rope Organizer
✔️User Guide

Double Sided Magnet!

At the heart of this remarkable kit lies the double sided magnet, boasting an astounding pulling force of 1,200 LB. What does this mean for you? It means unparalleled power and efficiency. With its dual-sided design, this magnet doubles your chances of success, effortlessly attracting metallic treasures from both sides. No matter how deeply they may lie, the JAWS magnet ensures nothing escapes your grasp.

Exceptional Quality to Ensure Your Magnet Lasts

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the 304 stainless shell and M10 eyelets shine as a testament to our commitment to quality. The shell protects the fragile Neodymium magnet from chips and cracks, Whilst the eyelets offer unbeatable strength, capable of withstanding the toughest challenges your magnet fishing adventures may present.
Longevity is key, and our magnets are built to stand the test of time, ensuring that your JAWS magnet will be your loyal companion for countless expeditions.

We understand that protection and preservation are paramount when it comes to your investment. That's why we've taken extra steps to coat the JAWS magnet in nickel. This protective layer shields your magnet from the elements, reducing corrosion and damage caused by water exposure and scratches. With the JAWS magnet, you can confidently conquer any aquatic environment, knowing that your trusty tool remains safe and sound. 

Heavy Duty Magnet Fishing Case with CNC Cut Foam

The ultimate protection for your magnet fishing kit. This super strong case safeguards your valuable equipment from damage during transportation and storage. The CNC cut foam interior offers specially designed slots to securely hold your magnet, Threadlocker, and accessories like rope, gloves, and carabiners. No more worries about your magnet accidentally attracting and clinging onto random metal objects, including your car! With our exclusive case, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your magnet and gear are well-protected. Don't settle for less – ensure you have a specifically designed case that prioritizes the safety and convenience of your magnet fishing experience! 

Rare Earth - Neodymium N35

The secret behind the extraordinary pulling force of the JAWS magnet lies in its composition. Made from neodymium rare earth materials, this magnet harnesses the power of nature's strongest magnetic material. Its remarkable strength combined with the double sided design sets it apart from ordinary magnets, making it the top choice for passionate magnet fishermen around the world. 

What Is Magnet Fishing?

Magnet fishing is a recreational activity where a strong magnet is used to retrieve metal objects from bodies of water. It combines elements of outdoor exploration and treasure hunting. The strong magnet is thrown into the water, attached to a rope, dragged around and retrieved. The user collects their newly discover treasures that have been lost for years! 

What Will You Discover?

-Lost and Stolen Safes, Lockboxes and Registers
-Phones, Cameras and GoPros
-Old Magnetic Coins
-Antique Swords & Daggers
-Historic WWII Guns
-And many more interesting treasures that have been lost for decades! 

Unlock a world of hidden wonders with the JAWS - 1,200 LB Deluxe Magnet Fishing Kit. Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or a curious beginner, this kit is designed to enhance your magnet fishing experience like never before. Get ready to reel in extraordinary treasures and make unforgettable memories with the power of double sided magnets, top-quality stainless steel eyelets, and the reliability of neodymium rare earth materials. 

Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Everything you need to get started in Australia’s fastest growing hobby and discover the limitless possibilities that await beneath the surface!

Magnet Specifications

Dimensions: 1.05kg - 75mm x 32mm - 550kg (1,200 LB) Pull Force
Material - Neodymium N35 with Nickel Coating and & Stainless Steel Protective Shell & Eyelets.

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