Deep V-Groove Matting  12" x 12"
Deep V-Groove Matting  12" x 12"
Deep V-Groove Matting  12" x 12"

Deep V-Groove Matting 12" x 12"

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Product Information

Rugged but lightweight this product is specially made to provide a deep vee rubberized mat tough enough to stand up to the rigors of prospecting but thin enough to not require special applications. The overall height of the mat is 150/1000th of an inch and the depth of the grove is 110/1000th of an inch.

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Customer Reviews

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David G.

It’s black, 12x12 and is grooved. I suspect it will work

Mike L.
Deep V matting.

Great. I'm testing it as an indicator mat with several gallons on cons, but am finding that it's capturing between 60 and 70 percent of my gold ! So I'm loving it.
Next I will be testing the low profile v mat that you sent me.

Robert F.
Deep V for the small hold

Installed this to be used as an indicator mat, just after the slick plate, but the V’s are deep )as promised), and my gold is small, so most of it gets covered by magnetite. That said, I recovered lots of small specks on its maiden trip. So yep, deep V mat for the win! 🥇


Perfect for what I am building. Thanks again.

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