Coin Cleaning Duo - One BU Plus Coin and Relic Residue Remover and Brightener 4 oz. Bottle and One Conserv Safe Coin Cleaning Solvent

Coin Cleaning Duo - One BU Plus Coin and Relic Residue Remover and Brightener 4 oz. Bottle and One Conserv Safe Coin Cleaning Solvent

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Product Description

When will somebody figure out the solution to this problem plaguing numismatists who simply want their coins to depict their natural state without disturbing the coin's original surface?  The problem has finally been solved and at a price anybody could afford.  

This package includes:

  • 4 ounce bottle of Conserv Safe Coin Solvent
  • 4 oz. bottle of BU Plus residue remover and brightener

Each bottle should comfortably treat 5 - 10 coins depending on how much residue needs to be removed.

 Acids, acetone, soaps, detergents, solvents, lemons, vinegar, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide.... There are thousands of ideas on what works best to clean coins dug while metal detecting. Cleaning… what a “dirty” word in Numismatics!  Shhhhh!  Nobody’s supposed to know!

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BU Plus Coin & Relic Residue Remover & Brightener

Brought to you by CDI, the same manufacturer of Conserv ™ Safe Coin Solvent, BU Plus ™ is a special rinse for use on coins and other durable objects for the purpose of removing residues and brightening metallic surfaces. This product utilizes a strong caustic base that can be diluted with water if needed and it is always recommended that gloves be worn while handling chemicals. BU Plus ™ can be used on silver, gold, copper, nickel, bronze, and brass coins in circulated, uncirculated or proof condition. Do not use on aluminum.

BU Plus is suited to remove heavy tarnish or residue found in many coins dug metal detecting. As we like to say, "Because Sometimes We Need It".

Conserv Safe Coin Cleaning Solvent

Conserve Save Coin Cleaning solvent is developed to be used on less tarnished coins and is less harsh on surfaces. It is used to restore luster to higher grade coins.

Key Features

In 1990, at CDI, a prominent U.S. dental product manufacturer, an innovative liquid was formulated with a distinct purpose: to eliminate impurities from both plastic and metal surfaces. This liquid was intended for use as part of a technical surface preparation procedure, specifically targeting the cleaning of rigid molds before the application of refractory high-heat silicates.

Upon introducing this product to the market, the Director of CDI, a respected numismatist, made a remarkable discovery. In addition to its efficacy in removing surface dirt, impurities, gums, grease, varnish, and inks, the liquid demonstrated a surprising ability to swiftly eliminate Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) "green-residue" from coins. Notably, the liquid achieved this without causing any disruption to the underlying metal. It not only washed away the PVC residue but also preserved the coin's surface "toning" completely intact, effortlessly removing contaminants. This breakthrough proved to be an ideal solution for collectors.

Subsequent tests were conducted on various metals and problematic coins with issues such as slime, darkened ash, dirt, and wet or dry PVC. The liquid consistently removed residues while leaving the original coin surfaces unaffected—truly a collector's dream solution. Recognizing the coin-cleansing potential of this liquid, the Director began utilizing it prior to sending coins for certification services for more than two decades, ensuring undetectable and continuous preservation.

After years of successfully aiding fellow collectors and dealers with this exceptional product, the developer and manufacturer decided to make it available for sale within the coin collecting community.

In the present day, certain certification services impose significant fees, including a percentage of a coin's current value, for cleaning and removing residues that this product enables individuals to address at home. Here at High Plains, we are pleased to finally offer this product to all those with a passion for numismatics, providing the means to uphold the pristine condition of their coin collections.

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