Hand held manual powered suction dredge for gold prospecting, and sniping large
Hand held manual powered suction dredge for gold prospecting, and sniping small

Backpacker Nugget Sucker Hand Held Suction Dredge

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Product Information

Made by gold prospectors for gold prospectors, this hand operated gold dredge (sometimes called a gold sniper) is made of 2 inch PVC pipe The Ball-handle is made High Density plastic. The 3/4" x 8.5" nozzle is perfect for crevicing and sniping. Total length is about 30 inches. The vacuum chamber is 1.5" x 18" inches and the total weight of the unit is only 1.75 pounds. The non-motorized suction dredge makes it perfect for places where you cannot use motorized dredges (check local laws). Narrow nozzle allows you to get deep inside cracks in bedrock to get told that was previously out of reach.  This is the smaller backpacker which is perfect for hiking in or stowing away.

Please note:  If the nugget sucker loses suction or is too difficult to operate, you may need to tighten the wing nut inside the suction chamber.  To do this, simply pull the suction nozzle off the unit and while holding the black knob attached to the end of the rod tightly with one hand, use your other hand or some long pliers to reach into the suction chamber and secure the wing nut.  Then twist the black knob clockwise to tighten or loosen the nut to the desired tightness.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Never got it!

Joe G.

Works very well for sniping along the creek with high water


Haven't had a chance to use it as the water in the creeks is still too cold , but if it's anything like the larger Hand Held dredge , it'll rate in my book as a 5 star unit . Here in NC , the temperatures are not favorable for any treasure hunting . Hopefully soon , we will get a break .

Thomas M.F.

I'm totally satisfied with it it is absolutely working wonderful from what I'm using it for

Ken S.
Great classifier

Works great, lightweight and fits most any bucket or pan

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