American Buffalo Reverse Helix Trommel

American Buffalo Reverse Helix Trommel

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Product Information

American Buffalo Reverse Helix Trommel The Ultimate One Man Small Mining Operation Combine our world renowned Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine with an increased capacity Mountain Goat Reverse Helix Trommel and you get the American Buffalo.  The American Buffalo is a complete mining station that takes you from raw material to nice clean gold in one single process. Simply add your material to the hopper and let the American Buffalo do the rest!

Here is what happens to the material as it is processed through the American Buffalo reverse helix trommel: Material is added to the hopper where it is washed. The washed material flows down into the Reverse Helix barrel where the magic begins. The barrel is 33 inches long, 7 inches wide and has a 45 foot Reverse Helix Screw inside giving the material plenty of processing time to capture all of the gold. Once inside the Reverse Helix barrel, the material is continuously washed by a full length spray bar to keep it in a slurry. This allows the lighter material to wash out the back into the waste bucket while the heavier material stays in the grooves of the reverse helix screw and works its way to the front. When the heavier material reaches the mouth of the trommel barrel, it drops off into a standard 12″ Desert Fox Spiral wheel. Once in the spiral wheel, the material is processed just as if you had scooped it into the Desert Fox yourself. Slowly and meticulously washing away the black sand and other unwanted materials while moving the gold up the riffles and into the collection cup. The end result is nice clean gold ready for you to add to your vial.

Features & Benefits of the American Buffalo

One unit provides everything you need to process your material from ground to vial. Runs on 12v volt DC power so you can easily work with it in the field. If you are working at home or from a generator in the field, you can use one of our AC Power Supply units to convert AC power to DC allowing you to power the machine. A single power switch starts the operation running.  

A material washing hopper allowing you to add your material right from the ground into the American Buffalo for processing.  

The Reverse Helix trommel barrel is 33 inches long, 7 inches wide, and has a 45 foot Archimedes Screw running the length of the barrel which delivers unparalleled gold recovery. The spray bar runs the full length of the barrel to keep the material in a constant slurry. A removable nugget trap fits onto the back end of the trommel barrel.  A full featured 12″ Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine has been integrated into the American Buffalo and is fed concentrates directly from the trommel barrel. The angle of the spiral wheel can be adjusted depending on the material being processed (as a general rule start at 45 degrees).  

The American Buffalo can process a lot of material in a short amount of time making you much more efficient prospector. Our field tests have shown that the American Buffalo can process around 1,000 pounds of material an hour.

What’s Included

  • The American Buffalo One-Man Mining Machine
  • Large Capacity Trommel
  • Desert Fox 12″ Spiral Wheel & Motor Assembly
  • Water Tub 35 gallon capacity Size: 47″ L x 24″ W x 12″ D with a 3.5″ riser in the center to keep waste material out of the pump. 
  • 1000 GPH Main Pump for the Trommel
  • 500 GPH Secondary Pump for the Desert Fox
  • Trommel Tailings Bucket for waste material coming from the trommel process.
  • Desert Fox Tailings Tub for waste material coming from the spiral wheel panning process
  • Gold Cup to catch the gold coming up and through the Desert Fox. 
  • American Buffalo User Manual

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