A Practical Guide to Modern Alchemy, The Art of... Assay

A Practical Guide to Modern Alchemy, The Art of... Assay (Digital Download only)

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By Peter Moulton - A very thorough yet concise book written by inventor and prospector Peter Moulton. At 92 pages, this book is not like most books about fire assay which typically speak over the average prospector's head. Moulton has done an excelent job giving readers technical specifications for proper noble mineral recovery from a variety of common ores without the reader becoming confused. The book includes information in technical terms and general terms so readers can comprehend the process of melting metals and processing ore through a fire assay. Very helpful information on how to mix fluxes, prepare your crucible, melt gold and silver, and how to stay safe doing it. Additionally, Moulton introduces two pieces of equipment every small scale miner should own: The Microwave Gold Kiln and Small Kwik Kiln. Both machines offer the sampling or melting of small batches of material without expending a tremendous amount of energy or time. This book explains the fundamentals of the fire assay and cupellation process in terms even beginners can understand, but provides enough information for a lifetime. Two thumbs up!"


SECTION ONE: A Description of the Traditional Methods of Fire Assaying

Chapter 1. Fire Assay Fundamentals

Chapter 2. Fluxing Fundamentals

Chapter 3. Theory of the Fire Assay Crucible Fusion

Chapter 4. The Traditional Fire Assay Fusion Procedure

Chapter 5. Traditional Cupellation Procedure

SECTION TWO: A Description of the Modern Methods of Microwave Fire Assaying

Chapter 6. The Method of Microwave Fire Assaying

Chapter 7. Roasting Sulfide Ores

Chapter 8. Microwave Fire Assaying

Chapter 9. Kiln Cupellation Procedure

Chapter 10. Cupellation & Precious Metal Losses

Chapter 11. Safety Precautions

Chapter 12. Ventilation

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A Practical Guide to Modern Alchemy, The Art of... Assay (Digital Download only)

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