12 Volt Bilge Pump Speed Controller - Rheostat for gold prospecting equipment, highbankers, gold trommels, or power sluices

12 Volt Bilge Pump Speed Controller - Rheostat

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A tool every Gold Prospector or Miner should have in their tool box. The first creator of the Bilge Pump Speed Controller. Thousands of these rheostats have been sold worldwide.

Want to precisely control your water flow? Want to move to a bigger pump but don't need all of the GPH? Then this is the solution for all sluice boxes, Gold Cubes, or highbankers is using a 12 volt bilge pump. Lowers the amp's to the pump to control the water flow and not having to use a water ball valve to control the water flow. Get precise water flow for all different types of paydirt you run thru you gold equipment.  


  • Easy on and off switch  
  • Dial knob too fine tune the water flow  
  • Extends the battery life with longer run times  
  • Extends the bilge pump motor life  
  • Heavy duty 20 amp wiring with 40" length between battery and pump  
  • Replaceable automotive 30 amp fuse  
  • Spare Fuses and Keychain Tool kit included  
  • Works with 500-3700 +/- GPH bilge pumps or (pump up to 30 AMP Max).  

Note: Unit is not water resistant and must keep dry. If needed the unit fits inside a sandwich bag to keep dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Andrew W.

Speed controller low, openings all sides edges.. first try today test cheaply made.

paul m.
Great! Speed Controller.

I had bought a second speed Controller from High Plains Prospectors. And the second one is just as reliable as the first. I am using a 1000 gallon an hour pump, with a 10"×36" sluice box with micro dream mat. And once I found the perfect speed through the adjustable speed Controller. This, makes going through my concentrates more enjoyable. Thank you! High Plains Prospectors. For a great, reliable piece of this prospectors puzzle.

Troy L.
12 Volt Bilge Pump Speed Controller - Rheostat?

You can buy 12 volt bilge pump speed controller on Internet for $9.95 minus the leads you can get them at Harbor freight for a few bucks or make them yourself look at the price you’re paying for it and look what you can get it online for it’s $69 High Plains prospecting not worth it check it out ! Troy

Bilge pump speed control

This is a must as far as I’m concerned for mini sluice . Works great 👍 sorry I didn’t have a pic maybe later . Thanks

Christopher A.
Things you don’t know you need

This speed control has helped me understand the flow of water and how it works in the mining field. I am still new and learning speed and pitch with the water and sluice box. Don’t definitely helps.

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