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When you lose a ring or other valuable piece of jewelry, time is of the essence.  There is a direct correlation in the length of time since the ring was lost and the potential for recovery.  If you lose your ring, contact a professional to find it quickly.  At the least, find somewhere you can rent a metal detector and go try to find it as quickly as you can.  

Every fall our phones light up with people asking to rent a metal detector or seeking help to find a ring they lost.  Leaves are falling.  The weather is getting cooler and people are outside more.  One out of every 5 calls seems to be from someone who was out in their yard doing yard work - most of them raking leaves. 

Word to the wise: - Don't Wear Jewelry While Raking Leaves!

But, if you do, and you lose a ring or other piece of jewelry, High Plains Prospectors is here to help!

Contact Us at: 888-236-6580 for help recovering your ring!

We have encountered many different circumstances where people have lost rings and needed professional help finding a ring.  Here are a few examples of some of our successful recovery jobs:

Football Coach Loses Ring During Practice - High Plains Prospectors Helps Recover It.

Football Coach Hold Ring Recovered with Metal Detector

This gentleman was coaching football for a local high school.  After practice he realized he no longer had his wedding ring on his hand.  He had been all over the field coaching his team and did not know exactly where he may have lost it.  After a couple hours, the recovery team at High Plains Prospectors in Olathe, KS was able to successfully recover the precious piece of jewelry.

Man Playing Kickball Loses Wedding Band - High Plains Prospectors to The Rescue!

Man Holding Ring Found By Metal Detector

One summer afternoon we received a call from a man who was frantic.  He had been playing kickball in a company league and had lost his wedding ring.  He had spent a great deal of time searching the area he suspected to have lost his ring with no luck.  After over an our of looking, he called our shop and asked if we could assist him in finding his ring.  Fortunately for him, our shop was located only about a mile from where he worked.  After only about 15 minutes of scanning the ground with my Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector, I found the man's ring.  He was ecstatic.

Man's Wife Loses 1 Karat Diamond Earring Mowing Lawn - Nearly Impossible Recovery Made By High Plains Prospectors

Metal Detector Recovers Earring

Not all jewelry lost is a ring.  People lose all types of valuables doing various activities.  One guy in Mission, KS called us to assist in recovering a large diamond earring his wife had lost while mowing the lawn.  He had a vague idea where she lost it.  However, when she realized she lost the ring, she stopped mowing and the grass was really long.  Although this was a large diamond, metal detectors do not detect diamonds, and the metal on the small stud earring was a very small piece of white gold.  Finding this piece of jewelry would prove to be very difficult.  However, with the help of the Garrett AT Pro metal detector and some vigilant detectorists, High Plains Prospectors was able to find the small earring.  Even more amazing, we found the back of the earring too.  No easy feat as the two had become separated when the earring was dislodged from the lady's ear. After over an hour of searching, both were successfully recovered.  See the picture below of the small stud earring.

Holding 1 karat stud earring next to AT Pro metal detector

Couple Loses Ring In Water While Posing on Bridge for Photographer

When someone loses an item that is valuable (either sentimentally or monetarily) the feeling is horrible.  Sometimes it happens in their back yard and it takes 5 minutes to find and sometimes it can be a bit trickier.  One time a lady lost a large diamond engagement ring while taking engagement photos on the boardwalk that goes over the lake at the Overland Park Arboretum.  The ring was dropped, bounced twice, and ‘plop,’ right through the cracks and into the water.  That particular job involved getting wet and a little messy as it was dropped in an area where people fed the fish and ducks.  Needless to say there was some pretty foul muck to contend with.  The ring was found underwater below the boardwalk in less than 20 minutes.  The bride was ecstatic and it felt wonderful to help the young couple out.

 Military Man Loses Ring on Base Doing Drills - High Plains Prospectors Recovers it Successfully

Rings can be lost anywhere.  This is the thought that goes through anyone who has spend hours behind a metal detector searching for treasure's head as they dig endless pull tabs.  One day I received a call from a gentleman who had lost his ring while drilling on the Ft. Leavenworth military base.  I will let the video below tell the rest of the story:

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