Operating System VLF
Stem Lenght 98 - 140 cm
Weight 2300 gr + 375 gr Batarya
Search Coil DD Search Coil 31.5 x 21 cm / 13" x 8.5" (T21)
Audio Output 2W
Headphone Output 6.3 Mm + 3.5 Mm Adapter
Frequency 12 - 13 kHz
Transmission Sinusoidal Wave
Metal Discrimination Non Ferrous / Ferrous / Steel + Cavity
Audio Tones Polyphonic
Ground Balance Manuel
Sensitivity Adjustment Manuel
Noise Canceling Automatic
Threshold Automatic
Memory Ground Memory
Processor Microchip
Battery Gauge Yes
Battery Lithium Polymer
Battery Life 10 Hours
Warranty 2 Years


Nokta Makro Detectors reserves the right to change the design, specifications or accessories without notice and without any obligation or liability whatsoever.