Tesoro Epsilon Series 5-Pin Search Coil Search Coils & Covers Tesoro

Tesoro Epsilon Series 5-Pin Search Coil

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Can be used with the following Tesoro Detectors: Silver uMax, Outlaw, DeLeon, Cortes.

Less ground effects.
Always light-weight.
Better coverage and depth/sensitivity balance.
Introducing RSD, or "Responsive Signal Design".
This design is incorporated in our new 11" X 8" Wide
scan coil. With RSD technology you can give your detector
the best advantage possible for those heavy mineralized
sites. As an accessory coil you can breathe new
life into an old detector.
The 11” x 8” coil uses wide scan technology to provide
tip-to-tip sensitivity. A wider detecting sweep means
less time over unproductive ground and more time
finding the goodies you want. The wide scan design
resists changes in mineralization.
All Tesoro search coils are

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