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How to Properly Clean and Preserve Metal Detector Finds - Part 1: An Overview

How to Properly Clean and Preserve Metal Detector Finds - Part 1: An Overview

Inevitably when you have been metal detecting long enough you will find something of value.  This may be something that is monetarily valuable like an old coin or something that may have an intrinsic value - or a value to the digger.  Something that may have more of an intrinsic value to the person who found it could be something like the old stirrup shown in the picture below.

old bronze stirrup

This stirrup was found on an a piece of land that used to be an old ranch during the mid 1800's to early 1900's.  It was found by our very own Scrap Iron from High Plains Prospectors.  I know this thing has value because I have offered him $75 for it and he wouldn't take it.  So, it has both monetary value and intrinsic value.  To him, this relic is worth more than the $75 I offered him.

When you find something like this, or a valuable coin even, you will want to make sure that you take care of it from the time you dig it up to the time it goes on display.  In this series of articles, we will discuss how to do that using tools and techniques to properly clean and preserve all of your different types of iron, silver, copper, bronze, and even gold metal detector finds.

This article will simply be an overview.  As we progress, we will discuss the basics of cleaning and preserving metal detector finds.  Then we will delve into each facet as time goes on to discuss the different tools, solutions, and preservatives for each type of metal and metal detecting finds.