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Small Gold Ring Found In Merriam, Kansas - Owners Very Happy

Small Gold Ring Found In Merriam, Kansas - Owners Very Happy 6

couple holding ring found by high plains prospectorsHeather and Her Husband Holding The Recovered Ring and Baseball Glove

Early last week I received a call from a lady named Heather in desperate need of help. Her and her husband were playing baseball catch in the back yard beneath an enormous shade tree.  When they wrapped up their session she took her glove off and walked into her house when she suddenly realized her engagement ring and wedding band were both gone.  Startled, she realized she had not taken them off her hand when she put her baseball glove on.  She was pleased when she immediately found the engagement portion of the set inside the ball glove.  The wedding band, however was missing....  

Ring Found in Rose Hill Kansas by The Ring Finders of Kansas City - High Plains Prospectors

Ring Found in Rose Hill Kansas by The Ring Finders of Kansas City - High Plains Prospectors 0

It was late on a frigid Wednesday night in January when I got a text from a young lady who was desperate for some help.  Our metal detecting shop is located in Olathe, KS.  About 3 hours from Rosehill, KS where she was located.  She had been out tending to her horses, tossing hay, and preparing them for the cold night ahead.  It was a muddy mess and she had been sloshing around in the muck completing her chores when, afterwards, she realized the ring that she had inherited from her dear grandmother was no longer on her finger....
Lost Ring Recovery and Locating Services - Kansas City Area

Lost Ring Recovery and Locating Services - Kansas City Area 0

When you lose a ring or other valuable piece of jewelry, time is of the essence.  There is a direct correlation in the length of time since the ring was lost and the potential for recovery.  If you lose your ring, contact a professional to find it quickly.  At the least, find somewhere you can rent a metal detector and go try to find it as quickly as you can.  

Every fall our phones light up with people asking to rent a metal detector or seeking help to find a ring they lost.  Leaves are falling.  The weather is getting cooler and people are outside more.  One out of every 5 calls seems to be from someone who was out in their yard doing yard work - most of them raking leaves. 

Word to the wise: - Don't Wear Jewelry While Raking Leaves!

But, if you do, and you lose a ring or other piece of jewelry, High Plains Prospectors is here to help!

We have encountered many different circumstances where people have lost rings and needed professional help finding a ring.  Here are a few examples of some of our successful recovery jobs:

Metal Detector Rental - Kansas City Metro Area

Metal Detector Rental - Kansas City Metro Area 6

Find Your Lost Items - Metal Detector Rental - Kansas City Area Only - FREE Instruction

We get calls all year long from people who have lost something very dear or valuable to them.  Some of those folks ask us to come and help find their items through our Metal Detector Recovery Services and some want to give it a go themselves.  

Whichever group you fall in, we are here to help.  Located in Olathe, KS we have dozens of metal detectors that are suited to finding any various type of metallic item you may have lost.  We have a proven track record of helping people find items they have lost with a metal detector and many happy-ending tales of people who have used our metal detectors to find anything from lost rings, earrings, or necklaces.  Not only can they use a metal detector to find valuable items, many contractors have rented metal detectors from us to find such things as manhole covers, pipes, buried cables, etc.

Whether it is on solid ground or in the water, we have metal detectors that can work in all terrains.

Whatever it is you need to find with a metal detector, we can help you do it.  Whether we help you out or simply instruct you on how to operate a metal detector effectively.  We are glad to accommodate your metal detecting needs.

Contact Us for more information on metal detector recovery services in the Kansas City area.