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FAQ: How do I use a metal detector to find property pins/markers?

FAQ: How do I use a metal detector to find property pins/markers?

A metal detector can be an effective means of finding property markers and is usually MUCH cheaper than hiring a professional location company to come out and find the pins.

Property markers are commonly used in most municipalities to mark the legal boundaries of a platted property. They are metal pins that will typically be found at every corner of your property and any point on your property where the line changes direction (i.e. if you have sharp angle turn on your property line, there will likely be a marker placed where the new line direction starts).  The markers will usually have a colored plastic cap with a number on it and are typically only 6-10 inches deep.  Although this can vary depending on time and the amount of topsoil that was placed on the property after the pin was placed....

Metal Detector Rental Near Me

Metal Detector Rental Near Me

We supply metal detectors to local individuals and businesses for a variety of reasons.  We have metal detectors to suit just about anyone's needs.

Basic rental Rate*: $25 per day for a metal detector and $5 per day for a pinpointer.

Why rent a metal detector?  Here are a few reasons:

Find Lost Jewelry

One of the reasons people rent metal detectors from us is to find a lost piece of jewelry.  Rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and more can be found with a metal detector with only a little instruction on how to operate the metal detector.  We also offer ring recovery services for those in need of professional assistance.

Find Property Markers or Underground Utilities

One of the most common purposes people rent metal detectors is to find property corner markers.  They can also be used to find underground items like sprinkler heads, junction boxes, septic tanks, and buried wires and pipes.

Try Before You Buy

Sometimes you may simply want to try using a metal detector prior to purchasing one.  In this instance we will charge you the daily rental rate and apply the rental fee to the purchase of a metal detector.

*Rental rate based on rental of a Garrett ACE 400 metal detector.  Rates may increase if you are renting a more advanced metal detector.



3 of The Best Activities to Social Distance Outside

3 of The Best Activities to Social Distance Outside

At at time where sheltering in place is a common occurrence, people are clamoring for a way to social distance and not go crazy.  Many people will choose to stay at home and stay glued to the screen.  We have deprived a list of outdoor activities that are a great way to get outside, get some exercise, and fresh air all at the same time.  

Where we are located, in Kansas City, most of the metro has received a "shelter in place" order.  Many of the local businesses are shut down or limiting on how they do business.  There have been mass layoffs and most industries have employees working on reduced schedules or working from home.  Health clubs are shuttered, group sports are discouraged, and people are looking real hard to find a way to remain active.  Local governments, however, have encouraged people to get outside and do physical activity while maintaining a responsible social distance from one another.  They suggest taking a walk with your dog, jogging, walking, etc.  These are all great ways to pass the time while staying healthy. 

Lack of physical activity aside, there are a great deal of people that are suddenly left without a paycheck or seeing significantly reduced income as a result of the lock-downs.  Very few employers are hiring and you cannot even pick up a shift waiting tables to make ends meet.  This combined with the idea that you have to be isolated to your house to wait this out and the boredom that comes with it is enough to drive almost anyone bonkers. 

Metal Detector Rental - Kansas City Metro Area

Metal Detector Rental - Kansas City Metro Area

Find Your Lost Items - Metal Detector Rental - Kansas City Area Only - FREE Instruction

We get calls all year long from people who have lost something very dear or valuable to them.  Some of those folks ask us to come and help find their items through our Metal Detector Recovery Services and some want to give it a go themselves.  

Whichever group you fall in, we are here to help.  Located in Olathe, KS we have dozens of metal detectors that are suited to finding any various type of metallic item you may have lost.  We have a proven track record of helping people find items they have lost with a metal detector and many happy-ending tales of people who have used our metal detectors to find anything from lost rings, earrings, or necklaces.  Not only can they use a metal detector to find valuable items, many contractors have rented metal detectors from us to find such things as manhole covers, pipes, buried cables, etc.

Whether it is on solid ground or in the water, we have metal detectors that can work in all terrains.

Whatever it is you need to find with a metal detector, we can help you do it.  Whether we help you out or simply instruct you on how to operate a metal detector effectively.  We are glad to accommodate your metal detecting needs.

Contact Us for more information on metal detector recovery services in the Kansas City area.