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Sweet Silver and Coins Found Near Old Nebraska Home

Sweet Silver and Coins Found Near Old Nebraska Home

David G. from Nebraska recently shared a story about a great day he had metal detecting around an old house.  David writes:

"Today I had one of my best Dirt Fishing days so far. Using my Equinox 800 purchased from my favorite dealer High Plains Prospectors I hit the Jackpot! This house sets on about one Acre of land, so there’s lots of ground to cover. I’ve hunted the yard on 3 different days now, probably about 12 hours of actual hunt time altogether. Up until today the only high value coins I’ve found was the 1926 D Standing Liberty Quarter I found yesterday and a 1944 D Wheat penny.

Today, I hit the Bonanza, in one 10 ft by 10 ft area I found 1899 Barber Half Dollar (the first one I’ve ever found), another Standing Liberty Quarter (1917), a Barber Dime (1905), a Buffalo Nickel (1918), and another Wheat Penny (1917 D).

I was having a ball after I found the first coin, the Barber Dime, I started scanning around close and got another signal that turned out to be the Baber Half Dollar, then another Standing Liberty Quarter, and then the Buffalo Nickel. I can’t get over finding the Half Dollar, what a find. Thanks High Plains Prospectors for hooking me up with the equipment I needed for a fantastic hobby!"

- David G.

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The Border Wars of the West – Kansas vs. Missouri, the Feud Continues!

The Border Wars of the West – Kansas vs. Missouri, the Feud Continues!

The Civil War on The Western Border (the real border war)

Most people reading this are familiar with the civil unrest that occurred along the border of Kansas and Missouri prior to the first official battle of the Civil War.  What they may not realize is that this region was the actual flash point of the American Civil War.  

Prior to the first official battle of the war (Battle of Fort Sumter), Kansas had experienced this civil unrest constantly from the mid 1850′s through the beginning of the war.  The unrest involved two political parties:  The Freestate Men of Kansas, and the Pro-Slavery Secessionists of Missouri.  The war revolved around multiple different issues, most notably whether or not Kansas would be admitted into the Union as a state free from slavery or as a Southern, pro-slavery state.