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Finding Primitive Artifacts - Arrowhead Hunting

Finding Primitive Artifacts - Arrowhead Hunting

I remember as a young child walking along in the dense wooded Oklahoma countryside with my father.  He would always tell me to keep my eyes on the ground.  Not only because you never knew when you would come upon one of the various varieties of poisonous snakes that could be found in that part of the country but also because of the potential of discovering a little bit of Native American history. 

Over many centuries the region which is now Oklahoma has been home to rich Native American Indian culture.  In fact archaeological evidence suggests the presence of prehistoric Indian tribes in Oklahoma as far back as 30,000 years ago.  The area I grew up is located within the current Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.  My father always taught us to be respectful of Native American culture and passed that knowledge to us during outdoor excursions.  He explained how natives used and made tools, how they used every piece of an animal once it was sacrificed for food.  He explained the value of the natural world and what it could provide if you knew how to properly use it.