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Just-a-Swingin’ – Metal Detector Swing Speed

Just-a-Swingin’ – Metal Detector Swing Speed

I watch a lot of metal detecting and treasure hunting videos and see a few comments from random viewers criticizing other detectorist’s detecting techniques. One post said, “Why you swingin so fast? You’d find a lot more treasure if you slowed down.” That struck me as kind of odd…I sorta disagree (he was hunting on the beach BTW).

Metal detecting is about running your detector over the right piece of ground at the right time. How do you cover more ground going slow? Okay, okay, let me appease all of the naysayers that are reading this. There is a time and a place for swinging your metal detector slow. There is also a time and a place to keep moving. It is not the viewer’s (who only sees but a fraction of the actual hunt) position to decide. Here are some examples and reasons why you may want to swing your metal detector fast or slow.