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The Best Metal Detector For The Hearing Impaired

The Best Metal Detector For The Hearing Impaired

Do You Have Difficulty Hearing When Metal Detecting?  

If So, This Is The Metal Detector For You!

When we first did our unboxing video of the Nokta/Makro Simplex Plus metal detector, I was a bit skeptical...honestly speaking I still have my reservations.  I mean, how in THE WORLD can they sell all of this technology so affordably?

Then as I started playing with it a little I saw all that this introductory-priced metal detector had to offer.  Here is a link to a previous article where I wrote about it titled Top 5: Best Metal Detectors For Beginners.  

In the previous article I discussed the key gadgets that made this really affordable but quality metal detector rank in my top five best metal detectors for beginners.  One of the big reasons was its price.  At only $254.12, it is hard to understand how the manufacturer is offering so much technology at such a low price.  And, as I mentioned in that article, the only reason it was #5 on the list is that it is so new and needed time to prove itself to the world of metal detecting.  However, I will say, if it can stand the test of time, it will quickly move up the ranks of everyone's list.

After I wrote the previous article, it came to me a core group of individuals that could benefit from using this metal detector - the hearing impaired.