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Back Yard Prospecting for Morel Mushrooms

Mn this video we stray from our traditional routine of metal detecting and gold prospecting and get out to prospect the high plains for another lucrative treasure…morel mushrooms!

Real Men of Genius – Mr. Beach Metal Detector Guy

Bud Light Presents Real Men of Genius
(Real Men of Genius)

Today we salute you Mr. Beach Metal Protector Guy
(Mr. Beach Metal Protector Guy)
Some seek their fortune on the stock market, others in real estate, but you look for loose change in the sand
(I’m hitting the jackpot)
Armed with a 5 foot geiger counter, and the worlds largest set of earphones,
You live your life with a simple code of honor: Finders keepers, losers weepers
(Finders Keepers)
Sure people mock you, but he who holds 92 cents, a gold plated earring, and a stealed toed boot gets the last laugh
(Whos’s laughing now)
So crack open a ice cold Bud Light O Sultan of the Sand, we’d give you a medal, but you’ve probably already found one.
(Mr. Beach Metal Protector Guy)

Ice Cold Gold – Overland Park, Kansas Gold Ring Recovery

IMG_3956[1]Earlier this morning we received a call from a gentleman who had lost a ring that was given to him by his late father.  He had just pulled up to a friend’s house and walking up to the door as he put his keys in his pocket.  The weather just turned and things in the Kansas City area had just gotten a little frostier.  As he pulled his hand from his pocket, he heard a clink and immediately knew he had lost the ring.  It was getting dark and he but his friend spent significant time looking for the ring unsuccessfully with flashlights and had the same luck the next day during the day.  His friend had heard of our services and passed along our contact information.

We sat an appointment with him for later that afternoon when things warmed up a little.  We arrived at his friends place and he met us out front. Scrap Iron and I unloaded our Garrett AT Pro and Minelab Safari metal detectors and immediately got to work.  He knew the general vicinity along the walkway to the house where he suspected the ring to be so we started there.  Scrap Iron started at one end of the path and I started at the other.

Within seconds Scrap Iron had a good mid-tone signal from his AT Pro, kneeled down and came back up with the ring.  I had only made around a dozen swings with my metal detector myself.  The owner was stoked and surprised at the same time.  They had searched that very area meticulously with their eyes and found nothing.


Cold weather means shrunken fingers.  Shrunken fingers lead to loose rings and loose rings result in rings on our telephone.  It happens this time every year.  Especially as people are raking and doing yard work.  We were glad to be able to provide our services to this man and help recover this ring which had so much sentimental value.  Not to mention the actual value of the large gold ring with 7 huge diamonds!  We are also very fortunate to have the best equipment available to support our services.

Metal Detecting Around Old Celler Hole

Tn this video we are metal detecting on a property that was once an old homestead. There is a cellar, well, and remnants of the old house left.