Metal Detecting 1800′s School House Site for Relics

Tn this video Scrap Iron and Kevin are out at an old site they found on a historical plat map (atlas). There is little-to-no sign of any building at this site. Fortunately, they know that it is what is beneath the surface that counts.

Ozarks Metal Detecting for Silver & Relics

In this video our friend Rob is metal detecting the backwoods of Arkansas. He is excellent at finding old sites that have not been metal detected yet.

Calendar Boy November 2015 – Garrett Metal Detectors

My Calendar Modeling Debut!

My Calendar Modeling Debut!

Well I have finally made it, LOL. I am the “calendar boy” for November 2015 Garrett Metal Detecting Calendar! Get your autographed copy now! (that’s a joke)

This was taken during our outing with KG and Ringy of¬†(Team ATC) and the TV Show Diggers. Didn’t know it would be used in the calendar. Not a few seconds after this pic, Ringy snagged a silver dime!

See the video of the live hunt here:

Lead Pig and Silver Recovery

Whis metal detecting hunt started as a ring recover mission. Since the owner was not certain where she lost it, she offered us to relic hunt too.

Metal Detecting & Bottle Digging Old Bootlegger Car Crash Site

Wn this video Ian, our friend, leads us to the site of what appears to be either the crash of an old whiskey bootlegger car, or a dump. Of course with a treasure hunter’s mentality, it is clearly the former. Don’t forget to visit our website for more information on metal detecting gear and supplies.