Lead Pig and Silver Recovery

Whis metal detecting hunt started as a ring recover mission. Since the owner was not certain where she lost it, she offered us to relic hunt too.

Metal Detecting & Bottle Digging Old Bootlegger Car Crash Site

Wn this video Ian, our friend, leads us to the site of what appears to be either the crash of an old whiskey bootlegger car, or a dump. Of course with a treasure hunter’s mentality, it is clearly the former. Don’t forget to visit our website www.HighPlainsProspectors.com for more information on metal detecting gear and supplies.

Metal Detecting Oldtown Lot for Relics

An this trip we head to an old Kansas City area town that has been occupied since the mid 1800′s. We have permission to hunt a house and an adjacent lot where old structure can still be found.

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Everything you need for finding treasure in one package!

Everything you need for finding treasure in one package!

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Crushing Rock For Gold – Idaho Springs Ore

Wn this video we have some crushed rock a customer brought us to prospect through. We only took this down to like a 40 mesh. I would bet you could pull out more gold if you went down and smelted the fines.